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About Me

Natural health is my passion and has been for over 20 years

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I’m Tatjana Crealy, a licensed Dipl. Bowen Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Fitness, Pilates, Aerobic Instructor based in Mannus/Tumbarumba, NSW - here to help you find balance and a better quality of life. I love helping people and guarantee that each client experiences a very personal and intuitive healing with Bowen Therapy and QSB.

Since 2002 I've been providing Bowen Therapy, Fitness and Pilates training  whilst working extensively in translating and teaching seminars for Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in Germany. In 2009, my Australian husband and I chose to settle in beautiful Tumbarumba, NSW, Australia.

Family life and children were my priority for several years. Bowen Therapy and natural health turned into an everyday routine for our family's general well-being.

My client's well-being and comfort is my number one priority. I believe our body, mind and soul is more powerful and capable than we can imagine. Our self-healing abilities are huge and with the right approach we will be able to unlock these powers and shift "mountains".

Everything takes place in divine timing.

"It is not that one has more opportunity than another... it is when one is ready for the vibrational lift within the self."

Federation of Light.

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey? Get in touch with me today for more information.

With love & light,

Tatjana xo


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