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Wild Elopement

Have your wild elopement set amongst the backdrop of the Australian bush at Creal's Rest.

Eloping is an amazing adventure and a fantastic way to start your married life together. It is also so much more intimate and personal than a big traditional wedding.

7 Reasons Why Elope:

1. Escape the stress of planning a wedding
2. You hate being the centre of attention
3. The financial pressure of a traditional wedding
4. Elope and say your vows in an incredible location!
5. Combine your elopement with your honeymoon :).
6. Because elopements are more intimate and personal.
7. Traditional wedding is just not you!

Looking for a personal and unique local celebrant, an amazing elopement photographer, catering options and/or glamping/grazing packages? Get in touch with us. We are happy to connect and help!

Book your wild elopement exclusive venue/camp (up to 20 people) with us by adding the Extra "Wild Elopement" on the booking page.

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