Kabbalah Life Analysis

Your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis
will excite you and enrich your life!

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A Brief History

The name Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew word QBL meaning “an oral tradition”.

Beautifully said, Kabbalah is "The Book of Buried Wisdom".

For thousands of years this knowledge has been handed down and was considered an esoteric doctrine.

This ancient esoteric doctrine helps us to learn about the human life and the entire creation. This information is now decoded and can give us many answers regarding our individual deep, inner psychological questions.

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Energy Picture

Before incarnation the soul has chosen certain tasks for this life which are shown in the Kabbalah Energy Picture. The human being receives energies in order to fulfill and learn these tasks. Every person has the free will to decide whether he/she wants to learn and use these energies or not.

Our soul indicates and sends physical or psychological trouble or illness as warning signals to our body, if the chosen energies aren't used they block up. We will be shown our mistakes and what we are doing wrong in life.

In your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis you can read about your tasks and your warning signals. It will show you how you can grow spiritually and become and remain a healthy person.

You will be very positively surprised and receive important knowledge to solve your tasks very consciously and successfully.

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Tree of Life

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a central picture of Kabbalah which has been handed down for thousands of years. It is the diagram of the powers of the universe and shows how these powers are combined. With the methods used for this analysis exact statements regarding your individual life tasks can be found.

Based on your first name, maiden name and date of birth, there are 3 fundamental statements in this Tree of Life Analysis.

  •  Topic of origin:  Shows you the reason for your current incarnation

  •  Transformation topic: Shows your character, how to approach your life tasks and how to work them. Personal strengths. Cosmic influences.

  •  Aim topic: Shows your life goal, the tasks your soul wants to achieve in this life time.

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Will my personal Kabbalah Life Analysis help me?

Based on the knowledge of this ancient Kabbalah wisdom your personal life analysis can be generated.  It will be your personal "life book" which helps you answer the following questions...

  • What is the main task in my life, in which tasks have I been born into?

  • What does the blueprint of my soul look like?

  • How does my body respond if I make mistakes and am off my life's track?

  • How do I recognize my mistakes and how do I get back on track?

You will be given an amazing tool and information to help you find your way. It will be your task to finding yourself in your analysis and your life, finding your truth and understanding which steps to take.

You will have your 40 page printed and bound Personal Kabbalah Life Analysis for life and might find times you go back to it intensively or having times of not even thinking about it all... until the day your life reminds you about it :).

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